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If nothing else, enjoy your stay here!

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Looking for a Beta!

Hello, my lovelies!

Like the title say, I am still looking for a Beta for My Only Wish. I do need help with that story if only to review and point out the flaws in the structure. Since my first language isn’t English, I do make more often than not mistakes in how it should be written.

Also, it would make the release of my chapters so much easier, for I will just have to concentrate on the actual writing and not on analyzing every single bit of my work for potentials flaws.

As you know, MOW is a Supernatural/Twilight crossover. So, somebody that is interested in such things and/or knowledge in it would definitely be appreciated on my part. It would also help to make sure that the plot doesn’t go pear-shaped.

It would also motivate me so much, to have somebody backing me up in this whole adventure. Doing this alone is fun, but it would be so much more with help, by having less stress over the whole process.

So, please, if you do want to help me or can give me info on who to contact for such a matter, it would definitely be appreciated!

Thank you all my lovelies.

Have a good day/night my cherubs.

– Caliel

Good news!

Hey, look who just came back from the void my lovelies! This is I!

Just to announce that somehow my computer decided to come back to life. Just because it could. I won’t complain about it, it does help me. I transferred anything I wanted to keep, so if it dies for good, I won’t lose a damn thing!

So. Because of this change, I will be able to release next Wednesday the long-awaited chapter of My Only Wish! Yeah!

After that, now that I have a computer back, I’m going to redo the previous chapters, to correct them so they are easier to read. Mainly correct the fact they are in English but respond to the French standard of writing. So, for the… fourth chapter, there might (more than that) be the possibility that there are more than three weeks between the chapters. In order to make sure everything is correctly written and make it flow easier, I might not have the time to finish the fourth chapter for the deadline usually set. I apologise in advance for the inconvenient, but this way, everybody will be able to enjoy it more easily.

Have a good day/night, my cherubs!

– Caliel

Bad new for My Only Wish

Hello my lovelies,

If the title didn’t give it away, My Only Wish is in trouble. Since chapter three is going to be released… I don’t know when.

For the second time in a week and a half, my computer gave up on me. First time, after some work, my father was able to make it work, but today, well, it just decided to turn off on me and when I turn it on, it show messages errors. So… Yeah.

At least, since I do write on Google Docs, all my work on the story isn’t lost. On the other hand, doing correction on my tablet is near impossible to do. I just need a second screen and some fonctionnality of a computer that my tablet can’t make up for. My bad.

So my correction for the chapter is incomplete and going to stay that way until further notice. Until my compturer is repaired or I changed it. Whichever come first. Hopefully I will be able to get it working again, if only to transfer all the data on a new one. If it isn’t a sign for me to change it, I don’t know what it could be.

Since I can’t do any correcting, it mean that I will have to write in order to advance on something for this story. So, My Only Wish is going to gain more chapters written, just not corrected, and thus, not publised.

What a wonderful mess!

So, for now, I’m going back to writting. If only to make up for the lost time in between. I will try, when I will be able to releashed news chapters again, to maybe put up more than one chapter. That and correct everything already online.



On another note, still looking for somebody to cue me on the writing thing, since I have a lot to adapt between french and english. Or correct my work. Or just muse me and help me structure everything. That would be the most helpful.

For now, I think it is all.

Again, I have to apologize for the delay, it is not me but my computer that is responsible for such interference.

Have a good day/night, my cherubs!

– Caliel

So it have been brought to my attention…

… that I don’t follow the English standard for lots of components for writing.

And that suck.

To make it simple, my first language is French. Therefore, most, if not all my references while reading and the actuals codes for differents sequences in the text follow a pattern proper to the French language.

English have a different one than French. (Why am I not surprised, considering that British and Frenchies tended to argue a lot back then? A real mystery in life indeed!)

For example, when a character in French speak, it is written like this:

– Bonjour mon ami!

While you English users are more like this:

“Good morning my friend!”

It is one of the simplest examples I can think of, to demonstrate my point. Here is the proof of such, taken from one of my books.


And since I’m so used to see them and respond to them, well…

I use them too when writing for English users. Which create the following problem: Most often than not, it does confuse you and make it for you difficult to understand what I’m trying to convey without reading multiples times the same sentence.

So, after the publishing of the next chapter of My Only Wish, I will go over the last chapters published and correct them and adapt them.

Probably take a while to do so and thus, won’t know when chapter 4 will be up once the chapter 3 is released. Will try to keep you up to date on that matter.

Have a good day/night, my cherubs!

– Caliel

P.S. A Beta would definitely be appreciated… If only to help me see those sillies mistakes due to a different culture.

Good new for chapter 3

Hello my lovelies!

Just me quickly dropping by to give you a good new or two actually.

For the Chapter three, Sweet dreams (surprise!), it will probably a much bigger than any before, without counting the prologue. For now at least. Barely started it and it seemed already be as big as Chapter two. So that great! Second point it will be releashed as usual, in three weeks. Which should stay that way and not cause any delay. That it if the muse continue singing so prettily to me.

Would you like for me to add buttons to go backward/foward with the chapters? A comment or two about that would be nice, so I dont do it in vain. Also, if you wanna see some of my drawings, confirmation of thus would be great. It probably wont be as elaborate as my logo, mostly sketchs, but it would be a start.

Still looking for a beta for My Only Wish, or at least somebody who is really good with SPN lore? It would be greatly appreciated.

That it for now, my cherubs.

Have a nice day/night!

– Caliel

Chapter two online!

Hello my lovelies!

As mentionned above, the chapter two for My Only Wish, Please listen, is online now! Had to correct a couple things to make it show up in the bars and all, but now it should work!

I will probably work on adding buttons on the differents chapters to make it easier to read the thing, but for now, that should do the trick!

My next update should be again in three weeks, I guess? In two weeks more or less, my summer class finish and after that I have to have/find a job since I wont go back to school for a year, maybe more. So, if I didn’t write before because I didn’t have the muse singing me to do so, I will have even less spare time to be actually be able to do so. So no guaranty about on when chapter three will be out. Part of it is already fledged out, but since I have to fill in the blanks in between, yeah…

Still looking for a beta for the story and an expert about SPN for making sure my ideas for what comming after are to far of the mark of the whole universe.

I will maybe add a section with my doodles about the characters, since I tend to draw a lot, including in class… Feedback on the idea if you are interested?

Have a nice day/night my cherubs! And enjoy the chapter!

– Caliel

Chapter one is online!

Hello my lovelies!

Good news, chapter one for My Only Wish is now online! Chapter two will be on in three weeks time, like usual!

For the rest… Well, I have to finish Chapter three and storyline because seriously, it is’nt a good idea to try to write while going blind. That when plothole and contradictions happens, amongs others things.

I think that about to cover it.

Have a nice day/night my cherubs! And enjoy the new chapter!

– Caliel